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Northern Fleet Gets Modernized Anti-Submarine Plane*

The Russian Navy's Northern Fleet has accepted into service a modernized Ilyushin Il-38N anti-submarine warfare aircraft, which will also carry out electronic intelligence (ELINT) duties, the Northern Fleet's press spokesman Captain Vadim Serga said on Monday.

"A modernized Il-38N was accepted into service at a Northern Fleet air base" he said. "It has a wider range of combat capabilities. These aircraft can be used for mapping the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Northern Ice sea, and also for conducting scientific oceanographic research and underwater and air reconnaissance," he added.

He did not specify if the aircraft was the first of its type to be delivered to the Northern Fleet.

The majority of the fleet's Il-38s will be modernized to the new standard, according to a source who spoke to RIA Novosti. The Il-38N is fitted with the Novella sensor system, capable of detecting targets within a 320 km radius of the aircraft as well as radar observation of underwater, surface and airborne targets.

The Novella system includes a digital computer manned by two operators. The system also has a new high resolution thermal imaging system, a magnetic anomaly detection system, an optical detection system (including laser, TV and thermal channels), gravitational anomaly detector and other equipment.

* Notícia publicada al RIA Novosti. La millora de les capacitats militars russes, en tots els camps, com també el de les operacions ASW cal ser seguida amb atenció doncs és encara el principal proveïdor de la Xina.

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