diumenge, 1 de setembre de 2013

USS San Antonio joins destroyers in the eastern Med*

The amphibious transport dock San Antonio, carrying elements of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, has joined the five Navy destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, a defense official confirmed Friday evening.

“No specific tasking has been received at this point,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “The San Antonio is being kept in the sea as a prudent decision should ship capabilities be required.”

The five destroyers positioned near Syria are the: Barry, Gravely, Mahan, Ramage and Stout.

The Navy had been operating with three destroyers in the Med, and the Ramage and Stout were expected to replace Mahan and Gravely, respectively, when they arrived there this month. But officials decided to keep all five in place as the U.S. weighs an attack. Each destroyer is capable of carrying up to 90 Tomahawk cruise missiles, although they usually have fewer on hand during deployment.

* Notícia publicada a Navy News. El President dels Estats Units sembla no fer-se endarre

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    1. Si no recordo malament, el USS Stout ja va ser a l'Operació Odissey Dawn el 2012, juntament al USS Barry ( aquest segur!). En aquella ocasió d'amfibis hi havia el USS Kearsearge, que és un LHD. Em sembla que algun LPD però no recordo quin.

      En aquella ocasió hi havia també 2 SSN classe Los Angeles i 1 SSGN Ohio més un Trafalgar que participà en la gresca .

      Seguim amatents.