divendres, 26 de juliol de 2013

Spanish fishing boat enters Catalan Bay*

A Spanish fishing vessel entered Catalan Bay at midday on Thursday, coming inside the confines of the buoys.
The beach police confirmed that the boat, of the type known as a “conchero”, entered from the south and put down its nets before crossing northwards and leaving the beach.
The RGP was called but was engaged in the incident off the runway.
The boat entered at around 5 to 12 and left after only five or ten minutes, but caused outrage among beachgoers due to how close it came to the shoreline.
Photo courtesy of Troy Jeffries.
* Notícia publicada a GBC news. No deixa de ser simptomàtica l'actitud de l'Estat espanyol vers Gibraltar. El menyspreu constant cap al Regne Unit tindrà conseqüències.

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