dimarts, 2 de juliol de 2013

Royal Navy of Oman accepts first new ship from BAE Systems

Colourful streamers covered the jetty as the Omani navy accepted its first new ship from Portsmouth shipbuilders.
There was a ceremony this morning at Portsmouth Naval Base to mark the Omani navy’s interim acceptance of RNOV Al Shamikh.
In front of invited guests, workers lowered the BAE Systems flag before Omani sailors raised their own.
The ship, a Khareef-class corvette, will now embark on trials before a full acceptance by the Omani navy.
Nigel Stewart is the commercial director for BAE Systems’ maritime division.
He said: ‘It’s a huge and very proud moment for us.
‘It’s a major milestone in the project.
‘The ship will go out and deliver the capability that it was sent out to do.
‘The people of Portsmouth can be proud at having the skills required to build ships such as these.’
Work will continue on RNOV Al Shamikh’s sister ships, Al Rahmani and Al Rasikh.

* Notícia publicada a The Portsmouth News. Les corbetes Khareef, a banda de les seves qualitats, són una bona mostra de que l'aliança entre el Regne Unit i Oman segueix vigent

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