dissabte, 28 d’abril de 2012

Russian-Built Frigate Joins Indian Navy*

India on Friday formally commissioned a new frigate into its navy, following a handover ceremony at a shipyard in Russia's Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad.

INS Teg is the first of three modified Krivak III class (also known as Talwar class) guided missile frigates being built at the Yantar Shipyard under a $1.6 billion deal sealed in 2006.

The other two vessels will follow in a year or so, a Yantar spokesman told RIA Novosti.
The 3,970-ton frigate incorporates stealth technologies and is armed with eight 290-km BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles.

It is also equipped with "sensors for three-dimensional warfare," the Times of India newspaper reported.
The Indian navy already has three Russian-built Talwar class frigates.

*Notícia publicada a RIA Novosti. Tot i que l'Índia disposa d'una potent indústria naval, així com notables dissenys propis, els acords amb Rússia es mantenen, dins d'una política de diversificació d'aliances i proveïdors.

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