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US Navy to commission USS Michael Murphy *

USS Michael Murphy
The US Navy is scheduled to commission its new Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer (DDGs) USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112) on 6 October in New York.
US secretary of the navy Ray Mabus said that the newest destroyer had been named to honour the navy sea, air, land (SEAL) lieutenant Michael P Murphy, fellow SEALs, special operators and service members.
Chief of naval operations admiral Jonathan Greenert said: "USS Michael Murphy, the most flexible, lethal and multi-mission capable ship of its kind, represents the backbone of our surface combatant fleet."

"Like its namesake Lt Michael Murphy, this ship will serve to protect, influence and win in an era of uncertainty," Greenert added.Michael Murphy, the final DDG 51-class ship to be delivered until the class restart ships begin delivering in 2016, will be deployed to conduct missions in areas of national interest and assure allies of enhanced capabilities.

Capable of performing air, surface and subsurface battles simultaneously, the 9,200t frigate is armed with offensive and defensive weapons to support maritime warfare missions and power projection.
Powered by four gas turbine engines, General Dynamics-built DDG 112 is 509ft-long and has a waterline beam of 59ft, navigational draft of 31ft and can cruise at a top speed of 30k.
Equipped with Aegis combat system and SPY-1D multi-function phased array radar, the vessel has been designed for survivability and carrying out peacetime operations, crisis management and sea control activities, while enhancing US naval capabilities.

* Notícia publicada al web de Naval Technology. L'entrada en servei del USS Michael Murphy és una gran mostra que els Estats Units no obliden els seus herois.

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