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Britain's super-sub: Navy unveils James Bond-style mini submarine carried on board HMS Astute which can launch from under water *

The Royal Navy's newest submarine - a miniature sub which can launch underwater that James Bond would be proud of, has been spotted moored off of Gibraltar.
The submarine is intended to launch underwater in order to carry commandos to their destinations covertly so they can perform attacks or infiltration near the water.
Attached to a large nuclear sub, the mini pod can carry up to around eight elite commandos in heavy assault gear and is designed to be as stealthy as possible.
The pod can be seen attached to the topside of the nuclear submarine, the HMS Astute, currently off the coast of Gibraltar.
n a covert attack, the secret submarine pod will detach from the HMS Astute and head to its destination, absorbing sonar on the way to evade detection.
The pod will be in use by Special Boat Service commandos in their covert operations, and the miniature submarine will likely make their activities hard to predict or anticipate.

Before it was mounted to the top of the HMS Astute, the miniature submarine had to be airlifted by helicopter to seas near its destination, before being picked up later.
Now the submarine will move closer to the destination, and plans for deployment and support for the commandos will be more readily available.
The miniature submarine, codenamed 'Project Chalfont', has been tested since it was installed in 2012, but this is the first time it will reach active service.
The HMS Astute is the largest attack submarine the Royal Navy has at its disposal, and is the lead ship of its class.
Thanks to air recycling it could theoretically circumnavigate the planet without having to resurface, and its nuclear power system means it will never have to refuel again during its 25-year-service.
However, its limit is that it is only able to carry three months worth of food for the 98 crew needed to man it.
The miniature submarine's main duties are for counter intelligence, as it allows for incredibly covert ops from discreet locations, and will now be able to deploy while hidden underwater, rather than having to travel by helicopter, which runs the risk of revealing its position.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2587116/Britains-super-sub-Navy-unveils-James-Bond-style-mini-submarine-carried-board-HMS-Astute-launch-water.html#ixzz2xIxeKcWE

*Notícia publicada al Daily Mail. La Royal Navy continua les seves activitats, sense que aparentment, li molestin gaire les provocacions espanyoles.

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