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Brazilian Navy receives final Amazonas-class OPV from BAE*

The Brazilian Navy has received the third and final Amazonas-class ocean patrol vessels (OPV), named Araguari (P122), from BAE Systems at Portsmouth Naval Base, UK, to boost its maritime capabilities.
The OPV has been delivered as a part of the Brazilian Navy's $186m deal with BAE to procure three 90m, 2,200t OPVs, originally built for the Trinidad and Tobago coastguard to perform intercepting and emergency relief operations in the Caribbean region.
The deal also includes an additional £13m for training and support by BAE with an option to locally build another five OPVs to support naval re-equipment programme for the Brazilian Navy.
Brazilian Navy naval engineering director rear admiral Francisco Deiana said: "The three Amazonas-class units make up an important contribution to both our ability to provide security, safety and protection to the Brazil's jurisdictional waters and to deliver our commitments to the Brazilian Maritime Authority."
Capable of carrying a crew of 80, with additional accommodation for 40 troops or passengers, the vessel features a helicopter flight deck to support medium-sized helicopter operations, 30mm cannon, 25mm guns and can cruise at a speed of 25k when fully loaded.
Amazonas, the first OPV of the class, was delivered to the navy in June 2012, while the second ship, Apa, was handed over in November 2012.
The ships are fitted with two rigid inflatable boats and will be used by the navy to conduct maritime security in its territorial waters.

* Notícia publicada a Naval Technology. Ja haviem parlat anteriorment d'aquest procés, i avui en tenim una fita important.

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