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HMS Diamond exercises with her French counterpart*

he Type 45 destroyer took part in a series of exercises with the FS Forbin, a French Horizon class destroyer which looks similar to the Royal Navy’s brand new fleet of ships. 

Originally conceived under the same project that envisaged a single design for the British, French and Italians Navies, the UK subsequently decided to pursue its own design, the Type 45, but there are still many similarities between the two.

HMS Diamond met up with the FS Forbin while on her way to the Middle East where she will be working to protect the seas, keeping them safe for international trade.

As specialist air defence platforms, both ships engaged in exercises that saw them defend themselves against attacking jets flown from the French aircraft carrier, FS Charles de Gaulle.

This scenario reflected what both HMS Diamond and FS Forbin are primarily designed to deal with if they were escorting a task group of warships, and it allowed them to engage with multiple aircraft and simulated missile runs.

Captain Marc Assedat, the Commanding Officer of the Forbin said:
"Speaking openly and sharing each other’s experiences strengthens our confidence.”
Having left her home port of Portsmouth on 13 June and already called in at Gibraltar, Diamond continues to the Middle East, where she will take on her operational duties from her sister ship, HMS Daring, protecting UK interests in the region.

* Notícia publicada al web de la Royal Navy. El nivell de les marines britàniques no és només una qüestió de tecnologia i tradició, ambdúes mantenen exercicis conjunts amb regularitat per fer front a tot tipus d'amenaces.

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